We’ve managed the production process from the client’s side, the agency side, and the production side, which imparts a unique and comprehensive perspective.

This full circle overview enables us to see how the disparate parts of the production process interact. Dysfunctional operation yields hidden costs and wastes time. MRPS supports your marketing organization by coordinating your production projects and assets across multiple creative agencies and suppliers, all of whom have their own agendas. As your advocate, MRPS establishes transparency, streamlines processes, coordinates collaboration, and enforces accountabilities.

Creative Asset Solutions & Content Production Services

Create video content and broadcast assets

Decoupling Solutions

Reduce production spend, improve speed to market, and facilitate better work

Integration of Production & Strategy

Identify and manage disparities between expectations and realities of creative ideas

MRPS will work with you directly to strategize and create video content and broadcast materials that fall out of the scope, out of the skill set or out of the available budgetary parameters of your agency partner agreements.

MRPS pulls back the velvet curtain hiding the magic. We have the agency and client background to identify and reveal expensive and unnecessary internal agency contractual obligations, conflicts of interest, opaque vendor selection processes, and internal agency processes that don’t serve the brand’s best interests. By disengaging the creative side from the production side, we’re able to significantly reduce production spending, improve speed to market, and facilitate better work.

Successful brand strategy delivery begins with knowing what’s possible, what’s feasible, and how to make it happen within the limitations of your schedule and budget before you start the production process. MRPS works with you to integrate production with strategy from the very outset. We identify and manage the discrepancies between your expectations and the realities of the cost and schedules defined and driven by creative ideas developed by your agency partner. This results in significant multi-channel production savings, a more efficient use of resources, and quicker time to market.

Business Consulting

Learn how to optimize efficiency and resources

Process and Workflow

Improve performance and resource utilization among partners

Cost & Risk Management

Maximize production value and minimize risk

Myriad outside factors affect your production initiatives: agency partner production processes, production supply chain, workflow, vendor pool, and campaign management processes. MRPS analyzes the integration of these and other needed services to introduce preferred vendor relationships, decouple costly arrangements, find state tax incentive rebates, and more.

Without an advocate to ensure that the brand’s interests remain the focus of the production effort, conflicting interests can derail a project with costly results. MRPS orchestrates coordination and transparency among multiple agency partners, multiple platforms, and multiple vendors to align workflows and processes for optimum efficiency. We make the project transparent and track every step.

MRPS focuses on value. Added-value service means brands benefit from the best use of their limited marketing dollars to ensure best-in-class quality delivered on time and within budget. We use such tactics as multiple bid comparison, creative product integration overview, budget development and monitoring, schedule and process review, preferred vendor opportunities, contract negotiations, etc., to reduce risk and control costs.